Current Event Blog Post (Sports Events and Entertainment Assignment 5)

Spring training games are exhibitions games the MLB teams play in order to prepare teams for the upcoming season and allow teams to get a good look at some of the younger players in their organization. These games typically feature some experienced professional players along with some of the top prospects or players trying to make the team.


On March 19, 2014, the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals squared off in a spring training game. During the sixth inning with two outs the Cincinnati Reds picture Aroldis Chapman was hit in the face with a 100mph line drive. Both managers agreed to cancel the game due to the horrific incident. Eleven minutes lapsed since the incident and the paramedics getting Chapman into the ambulance. 


The result of the cancellation of the game is understood due to the events.  I completely agree with the outcome, but only because it was a spring training game. If it where in the middle of the season I may views of the situation my have been different. For this situation I completely agree, because you would have had to tell the players to not focus on the incident and continue to play baseball. That would have been asking too much of them to do, especially the player that hit the ball. I “get it” that people paid money to see the event but the game had to be cancelled.




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