Assignment 2 (Blog Post by the Organization Spokesperson)

Since 1996 “The Captain”, Derek Jeter has manned the shortstop position for the New York Yankees. After the 2014 MLB season, this will be no more. Derek Jeter announced his retirement with a letter from his official Facebook page.  Since being drafted by the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter’s play on the diamond has been legendary.


Derek is a .312 career hitter.  His career WAR(wins above replacement) is third among active players. He has be named to thirteen all start games. He has five world championships.  Through the 2010 season Jeter average 194 hits, 118 runs scored per year.  Derek Jeter is considered one of the most consistent baseball players of all time.  He has won five gold glove awards for his defense.


Derek Jeter is not just a great role model on the baseball field, but also off the field. Derek is known for his charity work and continues to play a big role in his Turn 2 Foundation. Since 1996 his charity has raised more than sixteen million dollars for programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol. Derek Jeter will play his last regular season game at the archrival Boston Red Sox.



Note: This is a class assignment and not an actual post by the spokesperson or organization. 



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