Assignment 3B – Interview a PR Professional

Interview Transcript

GB-Gregory Bucher

CM-Charles Miller


GB: What are their responsibilities and how do these responsibilities integrate with marketing and business objectives for the organization and/or clients.

CM: The current responsibilities of Charles Miller International, LLC DBA CHARLES MILLER BRAND DENIM is to stay relevant in the fashion industry; maintaining a fresh image using selective avenues of exposure. Theses approaches are integrated with our branding and idea building of socially connecting to our consumer standing apart from our competition. Our vision statement is the root of our marketing efforts. Our mission statement reiterates our objective. All efforts especially in PR have both of our statements in the forefront of their delivery to our organization and our clients. Our goal is to have educated each client to “be” and “know” the brand we are.


GB: What methods of communications does the organization use to reach their publics and how are they effective?

CM: We use all social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and our website. These social resources allow us to stay in contact with the traveling professional allowing us to reach anyone with information through a smartphone. With all of the periodicals ability to be digital, our exposure reaches a wider audience in advertising efforts. Our open door allows us to build a relationship with the client that maintains throughout the life of their denim.


GB: What are some examples of communications strategies they have used to achieve success and what were the results?

CM: We have posted questions on social forms and promoted real life results of the wear condition of our denim brand. Since there is such a demand for personalized denim; these forums educate the consumer as well as spark their interest. All of this communication promotes word of mouth advertisement just from a social conversation. The followers add up as a result to this brand and relationship building. Satisfied clients then become a walking billboard as well as walking review who promotes our brand by “sharing” their experience to others.


GB: How has their public relations practice affected the reputation of the organization and/or clients? 

CM: Our focus is on building a personalized denim experience with the client; this happens from the exposure of either good or bad reviews. We understand that we are not going to satisfy everyone; that is why we have a target market to lessen those dissatisfied clients. Any review adds to our reputation giving us more exposure and more future clients interested in what our brand has to offer. Public relations has given our brand momentum to be relevant in the sea of competition; we are able to create a means to communicating to each client individually by promoting a product that is characterized by everyone’s unique wearing.





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