What wireless technology has had the greatest impact on today’s society and why? (History of Mobility/ Wireless Technology)

The wireless technology that had the biggest impact on today’s society is the internet and wireless internet. Cellular data and wifi hotspots are two example of wireless internet. The first website went online in 1991, however the internet concept dates back to 1961 as a packet switching network. These networks would soon incorporate satellite networks and ground based radio networks. During this time there was only one way to combine different networks which was a circuit switching method. The networks connect to each other through the circuits; the information would be passed in individual bits along an end to end circuit which was between a pair of end locations. This method seems pretty historic when comparing to today internet and technology.

Wireless internet has allowed people to connect to each other from around the world. Whether it is casual conversation or someone purchasing a new pair of sneakers the internet has brought businesses and people together. Social Media is one of the rising marketing channels in business. It allows consumers to interact directly with a business. About 66% of people prefer mobile advertising rather TV or online ads. Roughly 48% of people say that mobile devices impact their purchasing decisions rather than a computer or TV. YouTube says that 40% of their content is viewed on mobile devices. These are some numbers that stick out to me when it comes to the internet on mobile devices. It has taken the internet just four years to reach 50 million people, which makes it the fastest growing communication medium of all time.








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