Wireless Network Design

Hello Class,


For my wireless network design, I would choose Wi-Fi.  As a society we hardly ever leave the house without our smartphone, laptop or tablet.  Lately more and more stadiums and venues are upgrading their network infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s fans. By adding a good Wi-Fi set up teams and organizations could take advantage of the different opportunities that are related with the event or venue. Current 3G/4G networks are not strong enough to handle a lot of people in one area using its network. This limits what people can do on the network. By creating a good Wi-Fi network in a venue or stadium this will connect the fans and allow them to interact with each other.


By having Wi-Fi at a stadium, teams or organizations would be able to take advantage of different revenue opportunities.  Fans could order a beer or a burger right from their smartphone and pick it up when the order is ready. Fans could also purchase team merchandise and order season tickets or tickets for future games. Teams of use the wireless network for upcoming promotions and advertisements. Another good use of the Wi-Fi network would be for the team to create a interactive app that would pinpoint some of the stadium highlights as far as different activities. The app could also show the location of the fan so they could connect to other fans in the stadium.


Having a Wi-Fi connect venue would give the fans the ability to interact with each other and team. It would also give the fans access to the web in real times. They could share their experience live from the event. Wi-Fi is a lot more reliable than mobile networks. Wi-Fi would enhance the over all experience of the fan, while enhancing the organization’s revenue and marketing opportunities. 


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