Designing For Your Brand

The days of mainly purchasing tickets at the gate are gone. Today teams are trying to use the newest technology to market and sell tickets to their fans and customers.  In order to utilize the wireless network to sell tickets, I would create an app that customers could use to order tickets.

Placing barcode scanners at the front get could help gather analytical data for the organization to give them a better idea of what type of tickets are buying. The scanner would need to be connecting to a computer with Internet. WiFi would eliminate the wires for the Internet. The computer could have a ticket software application that would validate each ticket. This app could be used to target their customers that could be used when marketing the next year’s tickets. The app could also be used to offer a reward program for loyal customer who purchased a lot of tickets. Season ticket holders could also be rewarded with free food, discount ticket for playoff tickets and free merchandise with certain games. This all could be used to promote season tickets.


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